Finger Paintings Week 15


This week we made abstract Finger Paintings. Our art buckets came with only 3 colors so I decided to go and grab some different colors. Finger Paintings was a pleasant experience, you weren’t trying to create anything you just painted whatever came to mind and moved your fingers whichever way you liked. Using our fingers to paint brings you more in contact with your painting so you can create what ever it is you are feeling. It was also pretty nice to take a break from finals preparations to do something fun and creative. Art is a nice break because all the these finals are just reiterations of someone else’s information when in art you are creating your own material.

Finger Painting was an easy art project. You were able to express yourself with out any guidelines. Finger Painting also wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be.

Painting something without a subject was liberating. You were able to move your hands over your art in whichever way you wanted. I changed what ever I wanted and created what I wanted. Finger Painting was also nice because there was no way to mess up. I felt like I wasn’t trying to paint something but more create an experience because what you see in the painting is how I felt when I painted it.

Finger Painting and Graffiti Writing where very similar. In both art projects we created pieces that were ultimately left up to us to create. When we did Graffiti Writing the only instructions was to write our names, the rest was up to us. They are both very personal pieces because they are our own creations and the subject of Graffiti Writing was our name. I would also say that these two pieces were my favorite.


Daniel Puentes


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