Classmate conversation week 13



This week in art class I had the pleasure of meeting Hannah Adams. Hannah is a second year Biology major at Cal State Long Beach. Hannah enjoys working on art as a Hobby. Her favorite medium to work with is pen and ink. Hannah would like to teach Biology to middle schoolers once she she is done with school, but Hannah said if she knew she couldn’t fail than she would like to become a Biomedical illustrator. Both me and Hannah have pets. I have my black lab named Daffy and she has her cat named butchy. Butchy is said to be a large and lazy cat.
We both decided that we would like to know even if we couldn’t change anything. The saying ignorance is bliss does not work for us. To live without knowing would be living a lie. I for one prefer cold hard truths over comforting lies because only the truth can set us free. The world cannot become a better place if we simply ignore all the bad.


Daniel Puentes


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