The Social Network.


I made my own little social network of people that are close to me. The names closer to the center are closer to me. I picked purple to represent my immediate family. The green represents my cousins and distant family. The Red represents all my friends. The blue represents my coworkers.


Do you think of the term “Social Network” as applying to your RL life and your RL, physical friends? Or mostly to Online & Mobile tools that connect you to people in cyberspace?

I would say the real life can be referred to as a social network. All the people I know know people and that creates a network. Like when you ask a friend for another friend’s number that is a network of people. We have formed to provide mutual assistance and information.

Does Dunbar’s Number make sense to you? That we can only have around 150 truly meaningful relationships, and any others we know will be in more fragmentary ways?

Dunbar’s number argues that we are limited to about knowing only 150 people. Dunbar’s theorem in order to truly know them you have to know their name and know your connection to them. That’s interesting because I have 400 friends on Facebook. I will admit that I don’t know all of them but I can say that I do know at least 300 of them. As far as meaningful relationships go I wouldn’t say I have any more than 50. I have always preferred quality over quantity.

What does it mean to have 1,000 or 2,000 or 5,000 Facebook “friends”? Who are these people? What sorts of relationships do you have to them?

To have a 1000 friends on Facebook doesn’t mean much to me. I have kept my circle of friends pretty small. Meaningful relationships require attention and time. There’s no way to really have meaningful relationships with that many people. MI would consider all those extra friends on Facebook more as acquaintances.  

When we visualized our Art110 Social Network, or when you visualized your personal Social Network, did anything surprise you? Did you find any connections or relationships that you hadn’t thought about or realized any different connections?

The Social Network that we created in your office opened my eyes to all the connections we had. How one person knew another. It reminded me of the six degrees of separation which states that we know everyone in the world from six people away. For example a friend of a friend of mine knows the President.

What’s your Personal Number? How many people would you like to have close relationships with in your life? 1? 10? 100? 1,000?

If I had to pick a number of close friends i would have to say maybe 30. That’s close friends who i keep constant contact with. I prefer to have a smaller more meaningful circle of friends.

Do you have more “friends” on Facebook or some other platform than are truly your “friends”? What is your relationship to those “extra friends”? Have these weak ties ever brought you new resources like a job opening, someone to date, a cool event, info for something you were working on, etc?

I have way more “friends on social media than I do in real life. The majority I wouldn’t really consider them my friends. They are more like acquaintances with similar interests and connections. Those weaker ties tend to be older friends and it’s nice to be able to keep up with them through social media. I have gotten letters of recommendations and interviews because of those weaker ties.


Daniel Puentes


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