Artist Conversation Week 7

Artist : Kristi

Exhibit: Lineage

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Media: Metal

My Artist of the Week is Kristi Tristao Jensen. She is finishing up her Metals BFA this Semester. She transferred to Long Beach from Santa Monica College.  Kristi said that she became an artist because she loves being able to explore her creativity. She remembers from a young age being surrounded by creative people like her grandparents. Kristi plans to surround herself with like minded, creative, and open minded individuals.

Lineage is a sculpture exhibit. The exhibit displays different metal sculptures. THe sculptures are presented on pleasant wood top tables. The walls hold some of the jewelry that Kristi made. There is one piece called Lemonade that had broken and was repaired with gold soldering.

The sculptures are metal workings that represent those that taught her the valuable skill s that inspired her creativity.  The Lineage sculpture represent Kristi’s hard work and dedication to her craft and skill. The tables that her sculptures are presented on were made by Kristi’s husband, who she says she was lucky to meet such a like minded person who also enjoys making art.

I liked the Lineage exhibit because Kristi’s metal working skills and creativity come together to create these nice intricate sculpture. The pieces look so natural and gentle that you forget that it is made by a strong formed metal. I also related to Kristi because I work with metal forming at work. I too have the same do it myself mentality as Kristi.


Daniel Puentes



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