Artist Conversation Week 6


Artist: Blaine Prow

Exhibit: Extrusions

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Media: Bristol Board

Instagram: tiffuts

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Blaine Prow, my artist of the week. Blaine is an undergraduate senior studying studio arts with an emphasis on graphic design. Blaine enjoys photography and playing alternative rock music on his spare time. He plays the guitar, bass, and keyboard. Blaine hopes to work in house for a company doing graphic design once he is done with school. Growing up Blaine was always a good math student and he took a liking to geometry. In which he enjoyed learning about three dimensional shapes.

Extrusions is a display of geometric shapes. The shapes are still attached to the sheets of paper that they were cut out from. The exhibit is in black and white, this was done intentionally so that the main focus would be the shapes. The use of the black paper in the background is used to emphasis the space left behind from the cut out. The exhibit is representational as they are made to closely resemble geometric patterns.

Blaine’s display of geometric shapes was made with a purpose. His purpose was to show the relation between 3D objects and 2D objects. Blaine wanted the viewer to recognize that 2D and 3D objects go hand in hand. They are a representation of each other. That is why Blaine decided to leave the cut outs still attached to their original paper. You can see the 2D cut out that was used to construct the 3D display. This exhibit is a display of Blaine’s love for geometry.

This exhibit served it’s purpose because I was able to see the connection between the 2D and 3D shapes. I personally did not like the exhibit because of it’s lack of aesthetics, but I do not believe aesthetics was the goal for Extrusions. Extrusions accomplished it’s goal because Blaine successfully made the extrusions and the cut outs the main focus. The piece with the crosses was my favorite, because Blaine focused on the lighting he used. The shadows created by the cubes gives the display a depth that really adds to the aesthetics.

Daniel Puentes


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