Artist Conversation Week 5


Artist: Ralph Acosta

Exhibit: RELAX: Reimagining Los Angeles International Airport

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Media: Graphic Art Software.


This week the Marilyn Werby gallery took me to LAX. Ralph Acosta displayed his exhibit based on redesigning LAX the piece is called RELAX. Ralph Acosta was a Grad student here at California state Long Beach. He graduated with a bachelor’s in general studio art 20 years ago. Then he came back for his master in graphic design which he completed the day before the exhibit. His RELAX exhibit was his final thesis for his graduates program. Ralph Acosta grew up during the 60s and 70s and spent allot of time observing LAX. He found himself infatuated by LAX from the planes coming and going to the airport itself and the structures it held.

Ralph’s graphic design project is based on redesigning LAX with a new font and logos. He used the design of the lines on the runway in order to create a new typographical font. Ralph used the colors blue and orange for colors that will pop off the wall to catch your attention.  All the designs use a typeface type of typography.

Ralph’s redesigning of LAX is a reflection of his love for the airport. He even designed an app that helps you track flights. The app gives you routes with arrival times and live feeds of arrivals and departures. The app also gives a little information on the airplanes that are flown. Aside from the font that he designed he also made new signs for baggage claims and bathroom signs. He plans to continue working on his redesign by adding different weights and sizes.

I really liked the exhibit because you can tell that Ralph had really picked a subject that he truly enjoyed. The RELAX exhibit also reminded me of my love of airplanes and the experience of air travel. HIs idea to create a new font based off of runway designs is really cool because it blends the functionality from the runway with information represented to the flyers. Ralph said that ever since TSA sealed off the gates with security that people have lost the connection with the runway. That is why ralph decided to bring the runway to the traveller by putting the design of the runways on the signs that you see throughout the airport. Ralph’s exhibit has inspired me to stop and take a look around the next time I go to LAX instead of just trying to get in and out as quick as possible.


Daniel Puentes



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