Artist Conversation week 4


Artist: May Ta

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery.

Media: Painting

Instagram: maypta

The artist I meet this week was May Ta  an undergrad student here at Cal State Long Beach she is studying illustration. May Ta says she likes to get away into nature on her free time. May plans to build a place for inspiration once she graduates. I asked May if she considers the viewer when she does her art and she said yes because she wants her viewer to enjoy the art. May also said that she very much values her own opinion. Her painting was the first piece I saw and it was my favorite.

May’s piece is a painting. The space is three-dimensional. The lines are passive and delicate. The colors are dull and blend together. The size of the painting is important because it is much wider than it is tall. The shape is used to create a wide shot. The texture of the paint is thick so you can see the brush strokes. On the ground the brush strokes are straight and horizontal, but in the sky the brush stroke is curved to create clouds.

The painting is of a man in the vast open. To me it looks like a man at the salt flats. If you look into the distance it looks like the sky and the earth touch. The artist mentioned that she likes to get away, and the man looks like he is away from everything. Just in the open.

To me this painting was breathtaking. It caught me in the moment. The painting made me relax and for a moment all I could see was the vast openness. It reminded me of seeing the salt flats. Where the sky and the earth meet. I can relate to the painting because as much as I like living in the city I also love getting away from it all. Go out into nature where there’s nothing as far as you can see, no cities, no traffic. It’s almost like time stops and you are able to just stop for a moment. May did an amazing job of creating this scene.


Daniel Puentes


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