Favorite art piece with Nick Lemmerman


This week I spoke with Nick Lemmerman. He is a second year student at Cal State Long Beach. He is a Film Major who enjoys reading and watching movies. Nick said he enjoys his major but not so much the four movies. He also enjoys Playing the guitar on his free time, which he taught himself how to play.

We asked each other what was our favorite exhibit? I answered with, ”Well my favorite art came from the Gatov Gallery West. I find myself enjoying figurative art the most, because the attention to detail always amazes me. My favorite piece of art was by Lainey Atwood. HIs piece almost immediately caught my attention. It was probably the the palm trees that caught my attention, then it was the man sleeping under the tree that pulled me towards the painting. To me the man under the tree is homeless. The contrast from the palm trees and the homeless man is what I acknowledged.  It reminded me of all the beach bums down the coast, throwing it all away to just live every day in paradise. They get to enjoy living on the coast just like the millionaire with the house at the beach. People may look at them with disgust, but when I see them a smile comes to my face. I think it is great because the are doing exactly what they want with their lives. Completely free, off the grid, living life. “

Nick responded, “I personally liked Gatov Gallery West. I personally prefer traditional paintings (but I don’t dislike other forms of art). I liked the painting of the guy playing piano, and the one of the guy sleeping under the palm tree. I just like people’s different types of paintings; everyone has their own styles and like to display the scenes in their own way.”




Daniel Puentes


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