Artist Conversation


Artist: Andrew Hansen

Exhibition: Bar Scene #1

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West.

Media: Painting

Artist: Andrew Hansen

Instagram: albabroski

      Andrew Hansen is a drawing and painting major here at Cal State Long Beach. He is from San Diego California. He works at a bar named Pacific Shores as a bouncer. His favorite media to work with are sculptures whether it’s painting them or making them. Andrew likes to do charcoal drawings and he also designs his own tattoos. Andrew made his first painting when he was 25 years old. I found it interesting that Andrew said that to him the painting represented all the hard work that he put into his Bar Scene #1 painting.  

      Andrew’s painting named Bar scene #1 is a figurative painting. The painting’s size is typical for the exhibit meaning the size is inadequate. The painting is colorful yet dark which creates a night and mysterious scene. The space is three dimensional and displays depth. The lines are all curved to create this sensation of tunnel vision. The shapes have form for the people in the painting and Geometric shapes for the bar as the background.

The Bar Scene #1 is a painting of Andrew ID’ing a red faced man at a bar. The red faced man was what had my attention. Why is his face red? Well Andrew said that he was red due to the lighting that he was presenting. Upon a second look you can see that the red lighting is presented throughout the painting and can also be seen on Andrew’s hand in the painting. That was when I realized that the man is not the main subject of the painting, the girl in center of the painting is the main subject. I really liked the way she was presented because while she is literally the center of attention she is also the farthest person in the painting. Andrew explained to me that the woman in the painting is his wife. In the painting he is suppose to be ID’ing his friend when all of a sudden he is completely taken away by this girl he sees across the bar. That’s why he used curve lines so that he can create tunnel vision centered on the woman. I believe the artist was thinking about his wife when he made this painting.

The painting is about the artist’s wife. I really enjoyed the painting, because the scene looks like they are having a good time. To me the painting was a thoughtful and personal piece because it is all about his own life. The setting is the bar he works at and all the people in the painting are his close friends and family including his wife. I really appreciated that because it shows that he really put himself into the painting. It also connected to me because I felt I like it was something that I would draw. Something close to me that I could put myself into the work so that I can work hard at it to make it something that I like. The same way Andrew did.


Daniel Puentes


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